Sunday School at Calvary

At Calvary, we believe that life is best lived in community with one another. Sunday School classes that meet every week provide sacred spaces for us to gather around Scripture as we seek to learn from, give to, and receive from one another, by God’s grace.

Scroll down to find out more about all of our unique Sunday School spaces. For more information, contact our associate pastor, Mary Alice.

  • Young Adults

    Our class is an eclectic gathering of students, professionals and sojourners. We take two things seriously: time spent learning about one another, and time spent pursuing the many ways God and Scripture intersect with our personal and collective lives.     

    (Room C302)

  • Adult 1

    Our class is a mostly adults in our late 20s-late 40s, many of whom are parents to kids ranging from babies to teenagers. We are a diverse bunch, and we don’t mind tackling hard issues. We love to laugh, we drink a lot of coffee, and we try to celebrate one another’s joys and walk with each other in times of difficulty. (Room C303)  

  • Adult 2

    Our class is an engaging, fun group of adults mostly in our 40s and 50s, and many of us have children in high school or college. We share stories of parenting our teens and hopefully teaching them well. We have gifted teachers who help us study God's word and discuss how to apply the teachings of the Bible into our daily lives.      

    (Room C301) 

  • intergenerational 1

    Our class is a mixture of age groups (20’s through 90’s) that allows for generational perspectives and experiences to be brought into each week’s Scripture teaching. In addition, regular fellowship activities provide great opportunities for getting to know one another more personally and deeply. 

    (Room C202)

  • Intergenerational 2

    Our class is a community of diverse ages who attempt to share life with integrity, transparency, and acceptance. We seek to grow in our walk with Christ through in-depth Bible study and thoughtful discussion of scripture’s application as we live our lives personally and communally.            

    (Room C305) 

  • the Unique blend

    Our class is a unique blend of cultures, neighborhoods, and backgrounds, a place of warmth and welcome, and a group of women and men rich in life experience who love to study God’s word together.